Best Spa in Bangalore 700x300 Body to Body Massage in BangaloreOUR thinking


​​Our spas are exclusive in design and idea, though similar in terms of an earthy and chic ambience which is complement with comfortable materials, energizing aromas and relaxing music from over the world. elite rooms with steam and showers, comfortable recliners and use of premium products & resources make the entire knowledge super top.


Being one of the best spas in Bangalore town. Our services range from a mix of Top Body Massages, Body to Body Massages, Female to Male Body Massage, Female to Male Body to Body Massage, Nude Massage, Oil Massage, Kerala Massage, Ayurvedic Massage and Foot massages, natural Manicures, Pedicures, natural Facials and Exotic Rituals for the Hand, Foot & Body. This is the first time a spa in Bangalore has collective an extensive menu for the body and basically for the hand and foot, in adding to express treatment for the head and back, neck & shoulder.


motivate Spa provides the right surroundings that transcends the visitor from their demanding daily life to comfortable pampering atmosphere which relax & heals their mind, body and soul. With an stress on rejuvenation & delighting your senses our bodily Massages or Relaxing Massages  with perfumed oils and healing balms are particularly designed for men and women alike.